Diner saveurs AFJ (English)


The first evening of the 2016/2017 cycle about Japanese sake I am producing for AFJ (Association of French [speakers living in] Japan) took place on 6. October at the JSS’s information and tasting centre (Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association), in Shinbashi. To support the presentation of a few key technical and cultural elements about the world of nihonshu, I introduced six different bottles. Participants expressed very clear-cut, often opposite (between them) judgements about the more “exotic” nihonshu (such as AFS from Kidoizumi or Mizumoto from Hanatomoe), revealing the diversity of individual preferences. Pictures illustrate the relaxed but studious atmosphere during the tasting and presentations, do not pay tribute to participants’ efforts to bring various types of snacks to share and pair with the sake. The event closed with the celebration of Gregory’s birthday, diligent secretary of the Association.


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