Generous cheese

“For many different reasons, there are men and women who cannot find their place in society. People living with a heavy handicap are amongst those. Together with these people, we have created and manage in Shintaku Kyodogakusha, a place where we can work together”.
Mr. Miyajima is a very charismatic entrepreneur. His product: a cheese plate of a very high standard, for taste buds educated in Normandy! The choice is wide: pressed, soft, fresh cheeses, with a special mention for a soft cheese washed with sake from Terada Honke (Chiba Prefecture), a herald of natural fermentation. Miyajima san received the visit of the International Cheesemakers Guild and his provost Roland Barthelemy last week.
The maturing cellar is beautiful, and the overall organization a lesson of common sense in addition to humanity. Cows and the dairy are located a few meters above the workshop, so that milk slowly gets there by simple gravity.
To try Kyodogaisha’s in Tokyo, why not pay a visit to Guillaume Duperier and Chloe Venet at Apero Wine Bar & Table?


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