Kuchikami sake illustrated

君の名は (Your name) has been taking people’s hearts in Japan and Asia. Locations that inspired Director Makoto Shinkai have become places of pilgrimage. In this story about high school students, sake plays a very short part, but is essential to the resolution of this complex fantastic intrigue. It is actually sake’s ancient sacred original shape called kuchikamisake, prepared in shrines as an offering to the kami (deities). Young shrine maidens chew steamed rice to start the saccharification process with their saliva (where starch is broken down into sugars), before spitting the mix that is left fermenting naturally. Consumed by priests, it enabled, I imagine, communion with the world of spirits. The process is illustrated…. By the way, I liked that “anime” very much!

NB : released in August 2016 here (and Xmas in France), it has become in Japan the fourth biggest box office success in history (click for a trailer)


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