16807170_10212384082383977_6686466774021908770_nWithout any bitterness, I can say that here, I am a stranger. I am not in the position of an immigrant landing in a country built with the contribution of talents from all over the world, aspiring to a new citizenship. The word for “foreigner” or “stranger” is “gaijin” or “gaikokujin”, someone from the outside. I am sometimes reflecting upon my legitimacy trying to convince my readers or auditors about sake, which is ultimately a very local and cultural product. However, there is “this” (Ginza Culture), the hazardous choices made by Japanese communication specialists, which make me smile and prove that sometimes, shoemakers’children are the worst shod. (Explanation for non French speakers: GinCul will be read by French people as Gin’s Ass … and the whole experience with its pink lining takes a different meaning)


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