Sebastien in Wonderland


It was an unusual experience: flying overnight from Tokyo to Melbourne, rushing to iconic Central Business District and pushing the doors of the grandiose foyer area of prestigious business tower 101 Collins (you can discover it in the video about the 10 screens below), before passing through the low-ceiling “airlock” entrance to Lesley Kehoe galleries … and finding myself back in Japan, but sort of an heaven like one. Lesley has been a specialist of Japanese art for 30 years, and her gallery exhibits an exclusive selection of the works of a few contemporary artists. In this modern space, both warm from Lesley’s hospitality, and offering great volumes, it was a real joy to spend time in a womb, a casual ring made of 10 large folding screens belonging to a unique series by Japanese artist Motoko Maio (those reading my FB page Passerelle may be familiar with her name). Maio san is without doubt an inspired master of this art form, producing works that are both multiform sculptures, and functional space partitions. She has dramatically moved its boundaries, carried by her freedom of creation of new designs, while acknowledging the tradition of the genre. She displays amazing technical skills in the production of both the folding canvases and the motifs, a patchwork of old fabrics and papers, lacquer, precious or mundane metal foils, crushed stone… a cultural highlight of my stay “down under”. (panorama picture by my daughter Luna Mai)


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