The beginning of time

Only few of my readers in English may have read The Ice People by Rene Barjavel, whose French title is La Nuit des Temps (« The beginning of time »). It tells the story of a discovery under the Antarctic ice, into the distant past of mankind, of the « resuscitation » of an ancestor. I could not help thinking of this great novel when tasting a sake brewed by Toshimaya Shuzou using Edo yeast. Discovered early (for Japan, in 1907) by Professor Nakazawa, the use of Edo yeast was discontinued completely …but the yeast was not extinct. Around 2007 an old stock was found in a laboratory and was brought back to life, about 100 years after its discovery, so that it can brew sake again. It generates high levels of acidity, and lactic aromas, for an unusual style. To be paired with tasteful food.


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